This is for NA/EU servers only. United in Stormwind packs valued at $2.99* Giveaway ends August 4, 2021. Watch YouTube and Twitter for all announcements.

VengaDragon August 2021 Giveaway

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Blizzard requires a “friendship seasoning period” of at least three days before bundles can be sent. For further information about the Terms & Conditions refer to the link in the entry form.

Any attempt by any person to obtain more than the stated number of Entries by using multiple/different Twitter accounts, or any other methods including, without limitation, script, macro or any automated or other means which subverts the entry process, will void all of that person’s entries and that person will be disqualified. Any user not using their main social account for entry (I.E. Giveaway accounts), will void all entries and cannot win this giveaway. Any user using a fake email account for entry will void all entries and cannot win this giveaway or any further giveaways.

Friendship Seasoning Period

Please use the contact form for all information. Read the Terms & Conditions: CONTACT FORM LINK